What We Do

What we do is Our Strategy

Our business model is based on 4-Aces which underscores our key focus areas:

o Nutritional supplements

o Algae Meal

o Algal Oils Agritech: Promoting technologies that help improve food security

o Plant Cell Culture

o Biofertilizers

o Integrated Aquaponics

o Mushroom Pharming

o Drone Technology Alternative Energy: Production and distribution of alternative fuels (particularly bioethanol) and technologies encouraging their use in Nigeria as opposed to fossil and wood fuels. We are working with the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves to distribute ethanol (and similar) cleanstoves to households in the suburbs of Nigeria.

o Bioethanol

o Biogas and Biomass

o Clean Cookstoves Analytical and Consultancy Services: Providing laboratory analytical and consultancy services for Nigerian-based SMEs and multinationals in the biological and chemical industries.

o Product testing and characterization

o Contract Research Services o Procurements